Brisa was born to fulfill a public service mission. On November 22, 1972, the Government granted Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal “the concession for the construction, maintenance and operation” of four motorways with a length of around 350 km.

Brisa built the backbone of the national road system that transformed Portugal with highways that brought the Portuguese closer together. With an operation that extends over more than 1,100 km, Brisa is the largest private road infrastructure concessionaire in the country and an international benchmark in the sector, characterized by high standards of safety and comfort.

This path was based on Brisa's vocation for innovation, creating solutions that facilitate travel, such as the creation of Via Verde, in 1991. With the Vision 25 strategic plan, Brisa raised its ambitions and will leverage the leadership of its companies that are a reference in the mobility area – Via Verde Portugal, Brisa Áreas de Serviço and A-to-Be. Faithful to the company's identity, Brisa will continue to transform communities’ quality of life, bringing people together
through seamless, safe, and sustainable mobility.

To respond to the challenges of the future, Brisa is developing projects in the digitization of mobility, increasingly multimodal, in the decarbonization of transport and in the implementation of pilots in areas, such as autonomous vehicles and connected and intelligent infrastructures.

50 years of transforming Portugal. This is Brisa's legacy, based on a permanent commitment to Portugal, which we are proud of and which motivates us to want to do more.